OPI Alice in Wonderland - Thanks So Muchness! (Cheshire Cat ring & general Alice in Wonderland ramblings)

As I mentioned in my contest goodies post I received the OPI Alice in Wonderland set and I couldn't wait to try out the colours. The colour "Thanks So Muchness!" caught my eye on Friday so I decided to try that one first. Plus this polish has such a cute name! Are all OPI polishes such good quality? I was amazed at how easily the colour covered my nails and I only needed one coat. This is the first OPI polish I have used and I'm very impressed. My nails took no time at all to dry and I managed a couple of days before chips appeared (I did lots of cleaning so this didn't surprise me. I really should invest in some washing up gloves!)

Where do you guys buy your OPI polishes from? Let me know in the comments box if you can! Also recommend some nice colours if you like. Thank you muchly :)

Also, my Cheshire Cat ring arrived and I love love it! It's a little big for my fingers but it just about stays on the middle finger which is super. 

Look at his little face - isn't he cute?

I went to see the movie in 3D on Monday night and I really enjoyed it. I loved Johnny Depp (but then again I always do!) and I know a few people didn't like Alice but I thought she played the part really well.

Unfortunately we couldn't concentrate on the first 15 minutes because some people in front had sat in the VIP seats even though they didn't have a VIP ticket, so when some late people came in with VIP tickets they had nowhere to sit. So the staff spent 10-15 minutes rearranging people and moving the people who weren't supposed to be there. One guy even had the cheek to kick off and ask for a refund! He obviously didn't see the 50 million signs saying that those seats are only for people who have booked them specially. Anyway, we mentioned it to the manager on the way out and she refunded our tickets and our pick n mix and drink! Result!

Have you seen the movie yet? If so, what did you think?
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