Monday summary (5 good things & weight loss challenge update)

This picture is so beautiful - don't you think?

The weekend always goes so quick; my time has been spent looking at houses to rent, walking the dogs, eating lots, sleeping, and catching up on reading blogs and watching videos!

Just a quick weight loss challenge update - as you know I lost a few pounds the other week due to stress and loss of appetite. I knew it wouldn't last and alas half way through last week my appetite came back and a sore throat meant I didn't feel well enough to jog or work out so I've put the few pounds back on! Oh dear. 

I want to be able to eat (within reason) whatever I like and the only way to be able to do that and not feel like a big ol' whale is to exercise. I'm going to keep going with my jogging in preperation for Race for Life - I'm not great at it but it is getting better. I might also join the gym next to work at some point.

The challenge this week is to say why we are taking part and what we have achieved. I took part because I really believe that having a support network is important. I have achieved an increased interest in exercise which I am going to continue to work on.

My 5 good things:

1) The sun made an appearance at the weekend. I had forgotten how it feels to have sunshine on my skin (even if it was a little cold). We took the dogs for a walk along the canal and had a drive round Leeds at potential new houses. I want to live here please:

2) Finding bargains on Ebay. Usually the things that I like go for crazy prices but every now and again there are some bargains to be had - and it's really worth seeing if the seller will accept a Buy it Now price for an instant purchase!

3) Pricing up holidays.This always makes me happy :)

4) Looking forward to payday and having an extra £50 free because I don't have to worry about getting my roots done! :) What to spend it on.......... well, a trim for one! I desperately need one. I also have my eye on a few new threads for work.

5) Reaching 850 readers! Thanks everyone. I hope you all still enjoy my silly ramblings. I have got lots of reviews to type up and some photos to share this week. I also really want to start filming videos again but it's just a case of finding the time!

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