Hi, my name is Victoria

Pinched from Daisy.. who pinched from Kim.

Never in my life have I been: to Australia. Or to Ireland. Or on drugs!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my boyfriend. At times I think he has sent me insane! :)

High school: was great, then I got bullied and I hated it, then I kinda liked it again. I was voted the 2nd best looking girl in my year - what an achievement! ;)

When I'm nervous: I either eat nothing or eat everything in sight.

The last song I listened to was: Priscilla Ahn - Find My Way Back Home.

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be: my sister.

My hair is: recently back to its natural colour, recently trimmed, has recently acquired a fringe, and doesn't feel too bad for a change!

When I was 5: I loved going to school and was probably more intelligent than I am now. (Joke. I hope.)

Last Christmas: was lovely. I always enjoy Christmas. I'm hoping this year will be better as last time I was temping and the fact I didn't have a temp job straight after Christmas was hanging over me.

I should be: a stone lighter and a little bit happier, but oh well :)

The happiest recent event was: being successful in applying for a house. Not just any house - the best one we had looked at by a mile!

By this time next year: I have no idea what I will be doing but I like that.

There's this girl I know that: is lovely, kind, generous, and my best friend - but never takes my advice :)

I like you when: you leave happy comments on my blog and don't judge me or say nasty things just because you can be 'anon'.

The world could do without: animal cruelty and peadophiles.

Most recent thing I've bought myself: food from M&S including houmous and sushi, and some clothes/shoes from Primark.

Most recent thing someone else bought me: a Creme Egg.

My middle name is: Claire

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: all animals - then they would never get run over or hurt because they could fly away and poop on our heads.

Once, at a bar: chances are I was probably wasted.

Last night I was: watching Supersize vs Superskinny and eating a cream bun.

There's this guy I know who: has the ability to drive me crazy and make me laugh till my sides hurt at the same time.

Tomorrow I am: going to work then relaxing at home knowing I have 4 days off for the Bank Holiday weekend!

Tonight I am: staying in with my boyfriend, blogging a little and listening to the newly acquired She & Him: Volume Two.

My birthday is: 3rd February.
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