Monday summary - Mother's Day, trip to Ikea & weight loss challenge update

Hello! Happy Monday to you all. Did you have a good weekend? Mine went far too quickly for my liking! Time is flying by lately. Here are my 5 good things of the moment:

1) I have tickets to see She & Him live in May. I'm so so excited. I am going to see Zooey Deschanel in the flesh! (omg)

2) I have rediscovered my love for reading and I am enjoying getting lost in a story.

3) The sun has made an appearance and the sun makes me happy!

4) I have 2 days holiday to use up before the end of the month so I have got this Friday and next Friday off. Hooray for long weekends!

5) I'm finally 'at one' with my new darker hair :)

For Mother's Day my Mum and Dad came over and my boyfriend and I cooked a roast pork lunch with yummy roast potatoes and vegetables. Then for pudding we had sticky toffee pudding which is probably one of the best puddings EVER!

On Saturday my boyfriend's Mum came to visit and we had tea and buns then some lunch, and took a trip to Ikea where we picked up a sheepskin rug and some seat covers for our dining room chairs. I love Ikea! I always find something I want in there (not necessarily a good thing...)

For the Weight Loss Challenge we had to keep a food diary for the week. Looking at my lists I can see that my areas for improvement are to eat more fruit through the day and to resist biscuits and sweets that people bring in and leave right next to me. I also need to make time for breakfast on a morning. Now that my cold/sore throat has finally shifted I want to get back into jogging in preparation for Race for Life. I have typed up an exercise chart because I tend to stick to a proper routine as opposed to just saying 'I'll jog three times a week'. The chart leads right up to my holiday which I'm hoping will keep my willpower going!

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