Trip to Primark...

I popped into Primark yesterday for some work shoes and came out with a little more than intended! Oops. The first thing I spotted was this lovely floral boob tube which I wanted when it first came out but unfortunately there were only shelves and shelves of size 10s or 18s. I spotted a size 12 by itself yesterday so I grabbed it; it will be perfect for Summer with leggings or jeans and a little cardigan over the top. It was £5 I believe. Bargain! I love the little buttons.

I spotted these two long sleeved tops and thought they would be perfect for wearing with skinny jeans and pumps or Ugg boots. I always struggle to find something simple to wear on "dress down" days at work and these are spot on. I asked my boyfriend which top I should wear today and he said the grey and white striped one. Apparently he's not ready for the red one yet which made me laugh - it's very different for me he reckons! :)

The red top has lovely gold buttons on the shoulders and was about £4. The grey and white top was £2.50 and fits really well and has cute ruched shoulders which add a nice bit of detail.

I was on the hunt for a new pair of pumps and the ones I really wanted were black and quilted, with a gold chain detail at the front. Unfortunately they only came in a 'wide fit' and they were far too wide for my feet. So instead I got this lovely floral sequined pair which were £6. They look really nice with skinny jeans and they're a great fit.

Finally, this is what I went in for to begin with! I wanted a pair of shoes for work with a small heel. I'm bored of wearing pumps everyday but I can't cope with high heels for work because I do a lot of running around up and down stairs, so this pair are just right. They were £9 and they are available in a few different colours. They also have some with a higher heel which come in some adorable pastel colours!

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