Book worm

Do you like to read? When I was a youngster I would read book after book. I remember getting my first proper full time job and having loads of disposable income and I would place a huge Amazon order for books every month. Lately it seems I only have time for a quick flick through Look magazine every week and blog reading.

So.. I have picked up an easy piece of 'Chick-Lit' to get me going again; Confessions of a Shopaholic. After 2 nights of reading I'm half way through it! I have added a reading list to the sidebar of my blog so you can see what I'm reading and what is lined up next.

I would love recommendations from you guys! My favourites are all by Stephen King (Misery, The Shining, Bachman Books) but I also love anything romantic and I'm partial to a bit of mystery and suspense. Please let me know what your favourites are in the comments box below :)

That reminds me, I did a tag a while ago about some of my favourite reads.. click HERE to check it out.

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