Catch up

I miss blogging - why can't I blog as my full time job? Pretty please. I enjoy taking photos and researching things and typing away. This week work has taken over my life not to mention having a sore throat and being tired constantly. (I'm going to try and keep this post upbeat.. can you tell I'm struggling?)

How do you cope with stress? How do you make yourself feel better when you're run down and you feel a cold coming on? I have been drinking camomile tea and trying to have early nights. It's nearly the weekend and I have got a feeling I'll spend most of it sleeping. zzzzzzz. What I really want is a trip to the seaside and some fish & chips but we shall see.

So true...

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Last night I had a mammoth blog catch-up session and spotted Jen's post which was inspired by a comment I left on her blog. The advice she gave was just what I needed! I'm really confused about the dress code at my new job - some people are quite casual and others (female) wear suits. I'm not a suit-wearing kinda gal. Smart black trousers = yes. High waisted pencil skirt = yes. Shirts = yes. But I can't do a suit. Jen's post gave me the confidence to incorporate some of my style into my work wardrobe. I desperately need a shopping trip for new things!

In other news, please don't forget my giveaway is still running and it's super easy to enter. All you have to do is comment! Click HERE to enter. I also have lots of reviews on products to type up so they'll be up and running over the next 2 weeks.

Love xx
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