Down at the bottom of the garden...

This morning I did a spot of gardening. The place we have moved into was empty for a couple of months beforehand so a few little weeds and sneaky things had appeared in the garden at the back of the house, and slowly but surely I'm getting rid of the pesky fellas.

So far I have bought a garden gnome and he stands proudly by the back door. I also got a little potted plant from Ikea yesterday and I hope to go to a proper garden centre at some point to get some more potted plants and maybe some herbs and things (not that I know what to do with them!) It looks much better already and with the sun shining this morning I have been excited for the Summer months ahead!

I love finding pictures of pretty gardens - even though I don't have the room (or money!) to recreate them it's still nice to look. Here are some pictures from my inspiration folder:

How perfect is this little house tucked into the trees. If only my garden was big enough!

Pretty, pretty stand & trinkets

Colourful lanterns and cute seating

I have got my eye on a 'shabby chic' style table and chairs from TK Maxx (that's if they have any left by payday!) but Dotcomgiftshop is usually my first stop for all things retro and fun.

I love the idea of having bunting hanging along my fence. I particularly like this vintage Union Jack style and the English Rose pattern.

I'd love this silly little Gardeners Kneeling Pad to rest my aching knees on. It might just remind the boyfriend to make me a brew more often! Oh.. and a biscuit too!
I can imagine on a Summers evening sitting on some floor cushions with friends, with some candles flickering and a cup of something tasty. I love the Elephant pattern and the tassles on these floor cushions.
I'd also love to get a bird house and was struggling to think of where to look. Then I remembered Etsy! Etsy is the one stop shop for all things unique and pretty and a search for "outdoor bird house" threw up a zillion cute ones. How adorable is this one:

I hope I have given you some outdoor inspiration!

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