The end is nigh....?

I fear Lily loves Lola is reaching the end. Blogging used to make me extremely happy - checking for comments, thinking up new things to write about, taking photos, chatting on Twitter. Lately I have been feeling like a bit of a blog loner, for want of a better word.

Truth is I feel like my blog doesn't fit into any particular category. Makeup? I am not into it enough to dedicate my blog to it and I'm not particularly skilled at applying it either. Healthy eating? I fall off the wagon too much. My life in general? I'm not interesting enough. My dogs? If I talk about them too much I am apparently "boring".

I remember the earlier days when I would sometimes get up to 50 comments on a post and so much positivity. Lately I feel like no-one is reading and certainly no-one is commenting. This may sound ungrateful  and I'm sorry if it does, but out of 1000+ subscribers my last post only had 6 comments. That particular post contained a video which took several hours to edit and 2 frustrated evenings attempting to upload it.

I think I have lost my blogging identity in the big wide world of the Internet.

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