To thread or not to thread

I had my very first experience with threading this week. I decided my eyebrows were starting to resemble a couple of caterpillars and it was time to get them knocked back into shape. Normally I do them myself and then every so often get them waxed or plucked professionally so that I can maintain the shape at home but I decided to give threading a go after my Sister was impressed with her experience of it.

The process took longer than waxing and it wasn't painful, but it was an irritating kind of feeling made worse by the fact that it wasn't an instant process like waxing. She did the middle (no I don't have a mono brow.. hehe.. just a few little strays), the underneath and the top, and changed the shape and look of my brows altogether.

In a few minutes and for £8 I got the brows I've always wanted but have never been able to do myself. They are symmetrical, perfectly neat and unlike plucking/waxing, which sometimes leaves behind very short hairs, threading got the lot!

I recommend you give it a whirl!
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