Help Georgia

I recently found a really cool blog by Kaelah. I love finding blogs that I can sit and read for ages, working my way through the old posts. The first thing I noticed about Kaelah is her awesome tattoos and her adorable pooch - Georgia.

Georgia is poorly at the moment and to help raise funds for her eye surgery Kaelah is putting all of her Etsy earnings towards the surgery. If you like pretty prints on headbands and brooches then head on over to her store. Not only are the prices really reasonable but it's helping out a great cause.

As you know I have 3 dogs, and within a month of adopting Lily she needed an operation to remove an ingrowing eyelash inside her lid which was rubbing on her eye and causing an ulcer. This did not come cheap, in fact a 15 minute appointment with the eye specialist just to get his opinion was £140. I know how hard it can be when things go wrong and it breaks my heart that Georgia is so poorly.

I've seen some really cute things in Kaelah's store - I hope you do too!

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