Loreal - Perfect Clean "Refreshing"

When this first appeared I thought it was a silly gimmick and I decided I wouldn't be buying it. Then while browsing the aisles in Boots I realised that I wanted an exfoliator and face wash in one. This seemed like the ideal solution because there is the option to exfoliate using the "scrublet" only when you need to.

The choice of face washes on offer in my store was rather limited and I don't think the "refreshing" type is the most suitable for me, but I would definitely consider purchasing a different type because I love the concept. The "scrublet" is a great little idea. It is gentle but effective and creates a really good lather on the skin. I love the design of the bottle and the fact the "scrublet" is part of the design.

Have you tried one of these face washes yet?

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