Turning over a new leaf (& plans for the future of my little space on the Internet)

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to comment on my last post. I appreciate all of my readers/subscribers or people who pop their head in occasionally, and most of you said such lovely things. I also got lots of constructive feedback which is great for me going forward. I realise I did sound a little bit ungrateful and I'm totally not - I remember having 3 people following my blog and I thought I'd done really well! This is still the case now even though I have a few more readers.

We all have down days - I guess yesterday was mine. Work is very hectic and it's a continuous learning process which means my mind is often frazzled by the time I get home. When I first started blogging I worked in a very quiet office where there wasn't much to do, which meant I would spend a lot of time blogging and replying to my comments and all that fun stuff. Add a new job in HR to moving house and having 3 dogs to be Mummy to, and this makes a very stressed Victoria!

I promise never to complain about lack of comments again. I don't just blog for comments. I blog because I want to share my thoughts and my life with other similar minded folk and I mistook lack of commenting for lack of reading, which I realise now totally isn't the case.

And finally, you're right - it's my blog! So if you don't like Pugs "clear off!" (just kidding). I shall continue with my random ramblings and variety of posts until you get fed up with me!

I have been thinking up lots of future posts this afternoon and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what's coming up on LilylovesLola:

- Photos from my trip to London (sightseeing pics!)
- Eyeko nail polishes (yes, more! sorry :))
- An update on the iPulse home hair removal machine *buzzzz buzzzz*
- Wavy hair of the day
- A guest post from my Sister
- Healthy food - my faves
- Photos of our new house
- My new little garden :)

Lots of love,
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