I went to London (& didn't buy Heat magazine!)

I promised some photies from our sightseeing part of the London trip and here they are! We had almost a full day in London the day after seeing She & Him and we managed to do quite a bit. The weather wasn't on our side unfortunately, plus I had packed for a lovely Spring day so I froze my bit and pieces off but never mind. It was still lots of fun!

I think this sums up the weather with me looking rather windswept and messy. I could barely open my eyes, see!

Andrew surprised me with Fast Pass tickets onto the London Eye which meant we got to skip the ticket queue and the queue for the London Eye itself which meant no standing in the rain! Yay. We watched the short 4D video before we went on and it was pretty fabulous - I recommend watching it if you can!

The London Eye was great - I really enjoyed it. We each got a complimentary pull-out card guide with all the landmarks marked on, some well known and some not so, so it was nice knowing what we were looking at.  Obviously I know which one Big Ben is ;)

One lady got the end of my evil eye as she decided to keep placing her head in front of me at every available opportunity. At one point I was stood looking out and she knelt down in front of me, then just stood up and the back of her head was almost touching my face! haha. Some people are very strange.

After going on The London Eye and having a wander round that area we hopped onto the tube (I have a strong dislike for the tube - all the hopping on and off, complicated routes and sweaty people is just awful!) and went to The Natural History Museum. I hadn't been since being really really small when the animatronic dinosaurs scared me to tears. Jurassic Park has never been an enjoyable film for me I must say!

By this point it was late afternoon and we were hungry, thirsty and a bit weary so we headed to Hard Rock Cafe. We used to have one in Leeds but it closed and I was gutted! I loved that place, I used to go all the time.

Let me introduce you to the tastiest, unhealthiest salad ever. Chicken Haystack salad with Blue Cheese dressing. I would happily eat this every day. I have never been able to finish a whole one of these bad boys!

And that's all folks. Once we had finished our lovely dinner and had one last wander (okay, we got lost..) we made our way back to Leeds on the coach feeling very tired and sleepy. What a wonderful trip!
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