Bank Holiday summary & 5 good things

This week's Monday summary will be a little bit different. As I've had 3 days off I wanted to let you know what I've been up to, plus tell you about my 5 good things as always.

Saturday was a busy day. We woke up early and tidied the house - I find it's best to get boring housework out of the way then the rest of the day is free to enjoy the fun things in life! Just after lunchtime we headed out with the dogs and took them shopping to their favourite place.. Pets at Home! They love wandering up and down the aisles making friends with other dogs and licking small children with their little smelly tongues. We got them a new lead each but resisted temptation in the treats aisle because their bellies are rotund enough! Andrew showed Lola some fish and she seemed to like them! Or possibly wanted to eat them, I'm not sure.

Lola's face in this photo cracks me up!

"Whatchu lookin at?"

Then the boyfriend dropped me off at a charity shop where I spent a veeery long time rummaging and deciding what to get. I found some Topshop Baxter jeans for £3 but they were too tight on the legs and too loose round the waist (what is up with that!?) so in the end I just got a lovely little blue and white trinket box and an ornate gold mirror. The mirror was only £8 and the box was £2 which I thought was pretty cheap. The box will be used to store some of my rings and the mirror is homeless at the moment but will probably end up in my bedroom near where I get ready on a morning. Also my Mum gave me this little orange box (that she bought in Morocco) after she saw me eyeing it up on her bookshelf. I'll also use it to store my bits and bobs, jewellery etc.

Then we grabbed some lunch, dropped the dogs off at home for a snooze and headed to TK Maxx. You know how much I love it there after recently discovering the joys hidden inside! They had lots of cool stuff but we left empty handed. That shop is like Pringles for me; once I pop I just can't stop! We popped into Asda to look at the cushions but I got sidetracked by the jewellery and clothes. Who knew Asda did such pretty jewellery! I got a little gold bow ring (similar to the ones in Accessorize) for £2, a large and very pretty gold and floral ring for £4 and a red/white stripy top for £8.

To finish off the day we went to see Robin Hood at the cinema - not my choice, but it wasn't bad! I can't complain when there's hot men involved!

Yesterday I picked my Mum up and we went for lunch in Chapel Allerton (Leeds). We both had a goats cheese & root vegetable tart with a side salad which was yummy and we shared a portion of chips.

I headed home and donned my workout gear ready for a jog. Usually the bf comes with me and times me (as well as egging me on when I want to stop) but he was busy so I decided to go on my own. Big mistake! My legs totally cramped up and I gave up after 5 minutes. I headed home, a bit upset, and tried again with the bf a bit later on when I successfully managed 35 minutes.

Today my Mum and Dad came over and Andrew cooked a big roast chicken dinner with a little help from me. I helped with the roast potatoes and the gravy :) What can I say, I'm not the best cook! For afters we had triple chocolate cake (not good for the waist line) and a lovely cup of tea.

Now.. it's chill out time watching Britain's Got Talent with a nice cuppa and a cuddle with the dogs, ready for the working week to begin tomorrow!

What did you do over the weekend?

5 good things:

1) Our new sofa arrives tomorrow after a 7 week wait! Excited :)

2) In 4 weeks time I have 2 weeks off work - yippee! I'm looking forward to some chill out, rest and recuperation! Oh, and a little bit of sun!

3) I have got lots to blog about over the next couple of weeks!

4) I'm fully into the swing of things with exercise and I feel really focused on losing a few pounds before my holiday.

5) I bought some Fluff! This post mentioned how much I want to try it.. well, I caved in and ordered some from Ebay. I still haven't found any cheap Flipz or come to think of it, any knobbly Cheetos which are my favourite crisps EVER! I can't believe they weren't given a mention in my original post!!
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