The night I saw Zooey Deschanel...

As most of you know I had a mini road trip to London recently and it was all for one reason - to see She & Him perform. In case you don't know, Zooey Deschanel is part of She & Him and not only is she my favourite person ever but their music is awesome. Most importantly, this is what I wore:

Blazer - Miss Selfridge
Long studded tee - Primark
Leggings - Topshop
Pumps - Primark
Jewellery - Juicy Couture/Accessorize

I wanted to be comfortable (hence the flats and leggings) but still look smart (so I added the blazer) just in case fate swooped down and I got to meet Zooey D - alas I did not. As we left I saw a queue and a sign saying "at the request of the band" and I wondered how those lucky people were able to join the queue.

Anyway, this is my lovely friend Rose who is a fellow She & Him/Zooey fan. Our boyfriends came along too. They certainly weren't complaining about the view. In fact, I think Rose's boyfriend is now a bigger fan than we are! :)

The venue:

There may have been some beer involved:

The band requested no flash photography (not that anyone took any notice). In my defence I only took photos right at the very end when they were nearly finished. The quality isn't great due to the lighting and Zooey bobbing around, but here are some snaps all the same. It certainly was pretty cool to see her in real life. She's very short and slim with tons of messy brown hair and of course, she's just as beautiful in person. We were quite close to the front despite some "pusher in-ers" trying to get past us. I would love to go see them again. Every song was a delight and the band put on a great show.

I also took lots and lots of video clips and put together a montage which you can view here if you so wish.

Zooey came out to do backing vocals for her support act, The Chapin Sisters, who I must say were excellent. Their voices were hypnotic! If you like the same kind of music as me then I recommend you check them out.

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